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Welcome to Unstuck Therapy

Breaking Free &
Embracing Change


About Unstuck Therapy

At Unstuck Therapy my goal is to help you break free of limiting patterns, ignite your inner strength & embrace positive change.

Using an integrated counselling approach, I combine evidence-based therapies, techniques & strategies in the safety of a warm therapeutic relationship, to tap into your unique strengths & values so you are equipped with the tools to navigate challenges & live a meaningful life.

Collaboratively, we will explore patterns that leave you feeling stuck, make sense of them together and find ways to transform them into new ways of being so you can have a greater sense of purpose, passion & joy in your life.

I recognise that seeking help is a courageous step and there are barriers that make it harder to get support. Unstuck Therapy is primarily an online therapy service, providing flexibility to fit into your busy life and more accessibility to those who can't get to physical spaces.

Image of man, living a meaningful life
What I can work with

I can work with:


Anxiety can be a warning to take notice & protect yourself but, unchecked, we can feel hijacked by worries, panic and fears that leave us trapped.

Together we can learn the lessons hidden in your anxious thoughts, learn to tolerate & unhook from them enough to change how we respond to them.

Grief & Loss

Depression is different for us all. Often we feel it as an all consuming stuckness, a sickness of the soul that leaves us unfulfilled and desperately looking for meaning.

Together we can sit in the trapped feelings, understand the role of depression in your life and make changes to find the fulfillment & meaning you're looking for.

Suicidal thoughts

Relationships can be hard; we can crave the connection, safety & love we need in them, but equally can fear how they make us vulnerable and our potential to be hurt by them.

Exploring your relationships together, we can understand the dynamics taking place and explore changing them.

Difference & belonging

We experience so many losses in our life; from bereavement of our loved ones, to everyday changes & endings. Grief can feel confusing, painful and never-ending.

Together we can unpack that loss, understand what it means, it's impact on you and, from that place, process our griefs & mourn the fullness of that experience.

Thoughts of suicide are often hidden & so badly understood in our society, when often they are a natural response to distress & overwhelm.

Hopelessness can make us think that we want to end our lives, when really we want the pain we are in to end.


Together, we can find ways to help you to find safety, stay safe and find new ways to address the pain you are in.

We are all different, unique individuals. For some of us, our differences have led to us being on "the outside", marginalised and discriminated in society. These can be profoundly hurtful experiences that shape how we feel about who we are and how freely we can be ourselves.

Together, we can create a space where you can be your whole-self, process those hurtful experiences and find belonging. With particular welcome to those from Black & Ethnic Minority &LGBT+ communities or those with disabling needs or who identify as neurodivergent.

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